Protect your ENTIRE Web Site from Internet Thieves
Encrypt E-mail Addresses, Password-Protect Pages,
Hide PayPal Return Links, Break Out of Frames & MORE!
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If you don't protect your Web site, your entire BUSINESS is at risk of being STOLEN!

Seriously. Do you know how easy it is for ANYONE to steal data from your site right now?

     • ANYONE can steal your Web site design and graphics, by clicking File > Save As
ALL the e-mail addresses on your site are at risk of being harvested and spammed
     • STEALING your PayPal downloads "return link" is as easy as clicking View > Page Source!
EVERY copyrighted image on your site can be instantly stolen and published elsewhere
     • COPYING text from your Web pages is as simple as selecting and clicking Edit > Copy
EVEN the world's dumbest Webmaster can frame your pages, so they look like his own!

... And that's just the beginning. Your Web site is at risk. And you need PROTECTION!

HTML-Protector 2019 keeps your site PROTECTED. Full stop!

It doesn't matter what sort of Web host you use, or what hosting package you have.
HTML-Protector 2019 will protect HTML on absolutely ANY Web site.

Simply launch HTML-Protector, choose your Web site files, select your protection options – and you're done.
It's literally that easy, with HTML-Protector 2019!
Discover the EXCITING Features that YOU Could Be Enjoying –
In Just FIVE MINUTES from Now, with HTML-Protector!

Wondering how you can use HTML-Protector 2019? Here are just a few of its
many features, offering total online protection – with just a couple of clicks!
Completely Hide ALL of your HTML
Encrypt your HTML, so NOBODY can view your original source code.
GUARANTEED to Work with ANY Web Host �
No special software required. Just point, click and protect!
STOP Receiving Spam – with E-mail Encryption �
Instantly encrypt all of your e-mail links – and kill those "spam spiders!"
PROTECT your Secret PayPal URLs �
Selling downloadable products? Encrypt all of your PayPal return links
Create Special PASSWORD-PROTECTED Pages �
Prompt for a password before accessing a page. Works with ANY Web host!
LOCK Pages to your Web Site ONLY �
Force Web pages to display ONLY on your Web site. Nowhere else!
ENSURE your Images CANNOT Be Stolen �
HTML-Protector will disable the menus, block the Image Toolbar & more!
DISABLE Right-Clicking and Offline Browsing �
Stop text highlighting, right-clicking, printing, offline browsing – and more!
STOP URLs Being Displayed in the Status Bar �
Ensure that users only see what you want them to see. Protect your site!
Stop other sites framing and impersonating with your pages. Break out!
DISABLE Drag & Drop Support �
Stop advanced users by disabling drag-and-drop and Adobe Web Capture
Block certain browsers, disable the clipboard, insert copyright warnings & more!
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Here's How to Get Started in THREE Easy Steps
And the PROOF that HTML-Protector REALLY Works!!

Getting started with HTML-Protector 2019 is as easy as 1-2-3. Here are the steps:

Select your Web site files

Choose the files you wish to protect,
typically HTML pages on your hard drive.
Choose where to put the encrypted files

You may choose to overwrite the original files,
or put the new encrypted files in another folder.
Choose the parts of the page to encrypt

Select to encrypt the whole page, or just the e-mail links.
You can also "lock" your page to a particular domain
or password-protect access.
Select additional protection –
and you're DONE!

What other protection would you like?
Simply select your options here – such as disabling right-click,
or breaking out of frames. Then click "Protect" and you've
protected your pages. It's that simple!
Want to see PROOF that HTML-Protector 2019 really works?

Simply click here to open our test page. The password to open the page is "test" – and we've purposely blocked Opera, Netscape and Firefox users. Open the page and try your best to hack it!

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